Gateway To The Bay Laguna Vista, Texas

Pura Mireles
Library Director

Pura Mireles, Library Director
Liz Baldwin Library Clerk:

Curbside Pickup Step-By-Step NOW AVAILABLE!

1. Request Items

• Use our website then to catalog to find items and make a request.
• Or call (956) 943-7155 your library during curbside pickup hours.
• You may place up to 4 requests in our catalog.
• Curbside Hours from 9:AM to 4:30 PM

2. Wait for notification

• You will receive and email or phone call when your request is ready for pickup.
• Once an item is ready, you will have 2 days to pick it up.

3. After notification, come to the library for pickup (you don't need an appointment).

• Look for signs at the curbside pickup area.
• Call the library with your first and last name and library card number.
• Your items will be placed in a bag on the curbside pickup table.
• Allow staff to leave the curbside pickup area completely.
• Retrieve the bag labeled with your last name, your first initial, and the last four digits of your library card number.
• Enjoy your library materials!

4. Please don't arrive at curbside until you are notified that your materials are ready for pickup. This notification will be by phone call or email depending on your preferences.

5. You may also check your card online or call (956) 943-7155 to check the status of your requested materials.
What safety measures are being taken for the public and staff?

6.The Library follows safety and social distancing protocols based on current public health orders and guidelines. Library staff will be wearing face coverings and wearing gloves when handling materials being prepared for the public. For community safety, we also quarantine library items between borrowers.

7.What materials are available for pickup?

All physical materials requested in the library catalog are available for curbside pickup, depending on current availability, including books, 1 DVDs, CDs.

Please check the our website library Catalog for books & dvds if we have them.

All materials will be returned in the book drop or media drop.