Town of Laguna Vista Municipal Court

Mission Statement

The judicial system must perform its job competently, efficiently, and fairly in order to merit public confidence. Moreover, Municipal Court must rely on Public confidence in order to enforce its orders. Municipal court has a duty to create and maintain such public confidence in order that persons can rely on the protection of the rights that all citizens have under the constitution of the United States. It has always been the intention of the municipal court to treat all citizens that come before the court with respect, dignity and courtesy without regard to their race, color and or religion.

Court Sessions are the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 4:00pm - 6:00pm.

You have the right to a trial by Jury if you choose.


ALL court sessions will in person ONLY.

Laguna Vista Municipal Court Directory:
Judge: Jim Hunter
Alternate Judge: Bennie Ochoa
Prosecuting Attorney: Alan T. Ozuna
Court Clerk: Norma Barbosa

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Driver’s Safety Course (dsc) Instructions:

NOTE: If you have a Commercial Driver’s License the Driving Safety Course (nor Deferred Disposition)

Requirements to qualify for the Driver's Safety Couse

  • Must have a Texas driver's license?
  • Cannot have taken the course within the last 12 months
  • Your speeding violation cannot be for 25mph or more over the posted speed limit

To take the course you must do the following BEFORE the Court Date shown on your citation:

  • Pay the Driver's Safety Court fee of $129.10 to the Town of Laguna Vista Municipal Court Click HERE
  • Email a copy of your Driver's License and Proof of Insurance to Court Clerk
  • Provide a copy of your Driving Record to the court via email to Court Clerk
    - To obtain your driving record please follow the Texas Department of Public Safety instructions listed HERE
  • Please note that the ONLY type of driving record that can be used for the course is "Type 3A"
  • For more information and to find a driving safety court program please visit Texas DPS page for Defensive Driving or click here
  • Once your have completed the courts you must submit a SIGNED COPY of your certificate of completion. You can return this to us by email to Court Clerk or by US Mail.

Please note fines are subject to change and these are provided as an estimate and for informational purposes only. For the exact balance you own on your citation you will need to call the Municipal Court directly at (956) 943-1793. Please be sure to have the Citation Number ready when you call.

Speeding 1-6 miles $186.90
07 Miles over $190.90
08 Miles over $194.90
09 Miles over $198.90
10 Miles over $202.90
11 Miles over $206.90
12 Miles over $210.90
13 Miles over $214.90
14 Miles over $218.90
15 Miles over $222.90
16 Miles over $226.90
17 Miles over $230.90
18 Miles over $234.90
19 Miles over $238.90
20 Miles over $242.90
21 Miles over $246.90
22 Miles over $250.90
23 Miles over $254.90
24 Miles over $258.90
25 Miles over $262.90
Over 25 mph $262.90 + additional $4 per mile over
Expired Registration $141.00
Fail to Control Speed $194.90
Fail to Stop @ Designated Point $194.90
Fail to Yield R.O.W. $194.90
Improper Turn $194.90
No Driver's License $234.90
Fail to Maintain Financial Resp. $317.00
No Safety Belt In Use $194.00
No Safety Belt (passenger) $194.00
Passing / No Passing Zone $194.90
Poss. Of Drug Paraphernalia $384.00
Public Intoxication $281.00
Permit Unlicensed to Drive $141.00
Defective Equipment $194.00
Failed to Drive In Single Lane $194.90
Unrestrained Child $234.00
Criminal Mischief $281.00
Backing Vehicle w/o Safety $194.00
Following Too Closely $194.90
Allow Child in Open Bed $234.90
Failed to Signal Turn $194.90
Driving w/Suspended Lic. $281.00
Fictitious Drivers License $181.00
No Motorcycle Endorsement $181.90
Parked in Fire Lane $130.00
Fail to Report Change of Address $141.00
Poss. Of Open Container $281.90
Failure To Appear $276.00
Failed to Dim Headlights $194.90
Drove In Center Lane $194.90
Failed to Yield ROW Emerg Veh $194.90
Disorderly Conduct $231.00
Minor in Poss. of Alcohol $281.00
Consumption of Alcohol by Minor $282.00
Ordinance Violation $216.00
D.S.C. (cc/fee) $129.10
Dismissal Fee $20.00